Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Night Scramble

Thursday nights are usually a little hectic for Jacob and I.  For reasons that I'm not going to into right now, Thursdays are one of the days where I pick Jacob up from daycare at a little after 5:00 but we're not able to go back to the house until 5:45.  Thankfully my parents live close by so we're able to make a quick trip to Mama and Papa's house.  The tough part is that because of my wife's schedule, Jacob has to be fed and up in his room by 6:15.  Mama and Papa usually have some food waiting for Jacob but since I want to get him home as quickly as possible to spend some time with my wife what usually ensues is a battle to get Jacob to eat as much as possible.  Normally I don't like Jacob to eat while walking around because I want him to learn that he should eat while sitting at the table.  That rule gets completely thrown out the window on Thursday nights.  I'd let Jacob run around the block screaming his head off as long as he was stuffing some chicken or meatballs in his mouth while doing it.  

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