Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Parent/Teacher Night

Jacob's only 2 so you can imagine my surprise when last week when I saw a sign-up sheet posted on the door of his classroom at Tutor Time for a time slot for parent/teacher conferences. I thought it was a joke. They have parent/teacher conferences for 2 year olds? What could they possibly tell us? That he's a great colorer?

Anyway, Danielle and I met with Jacob's teacher last night and I must say that I was actually really happy that the school had these meetings. It was great to hear that Jacob gets along so well with all the other kids, that he loves to dance, and color and especially paint. That last one was a little surprising to me since we've never painted with him before at home. He's also passing all of the milestones in the development of a normal 2 year old that Tutor Time has spelled out.

A quick back story. We moved Jacob to Tutor Time from a different daycare center on his second birthday for reasons that I'll get into in a later posting. Of course we were nervous since he absolutely loved his time at the old daycare center. We used to love it when he would tell us the names of all the kids in his class. We knew the move would be made easier by the fact that Jacob had a very good friend Sasha who would be in the same class with him. In the beginning, we asked the teachers to try to keep Jacob and Sasha together as much as possible to get him used to the new environment. The two of them would nap side by side or be seated next to each other at lunch. Whatever they did made it a lot easier on Jacob since it was a VERY smooth transition.

Danielle and I got a kick out of it last night when Jacob's teacher told us that during nap time, they have to put Jacob and Sasha on the opposite side of the room from each other because if they don't, the two of them will talk to each other the entire time. I found this especially funny since Jacob's sentences are normally filled with a lot of jibberish sprinkled with 4 or 5 normal words.

In the end, I was glad to have parent/teacher conferences. I wasn't expecting them for another 3 or 4 years when Jacob's in kindergarden, but it's always nice to hear good news about your child.

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